Sweet Deals, Great Rewards @ UOL Malls!

Weekly Friday Flash Deals from 28 Aug

Redeem a $5 e-Voucher from our participating outlets at 80 POPPoints* (U.P. 800 POPPoints)

Be a Top Spender from 28 Aug

Win a $300 U-POPP Gift Card*!

Receipts from Services and Enrichment Centres are not eligible.

*T&Cs apply.

Valid till 06 November 2020
Available at: KINEX, United Square, Velocity

Terms and Conditions- Be a Top Spender and Be Rewarded Campaign (“Top Spenders Campaign”)

  • Campaign Period: 28 Aug – 6 Nov 2020
  • Top 2 spenders from each of our Participating Malls will be rewarded with $300 U-POPP Gift Card.

How to qualify

  • The Top Spenders Campaign is open to all U-POPP members in Singapore, who have a valid U-POPP account (unless stated otherwise).
  • Participating Malls include KINEX, United Square and Velocity@Novena Square.
  • Spend a minimum of $20 in a single receipt (Not applicable to Services and Enrichment Centres Receipts) and submit your receipt(s) via the respective malls’ Customer Service Counter or U-POPP Mobile App to qualify.
  • Top 2 Spenders will be selected based on the highest spending accumulated at each of our participating malls during the Qualifying Period.
  • Accumulative spending will be calculated based on summation of the TOTAL amount reflected on the original approved receipts with full payment during the qualifying period.


The following transaction receipts will NOT be accepted for this campaign.

  • Services and Enrichment Centres Receipts
  • NETS/ Credit Cards Charge Slips
  • Duplicate/ Handwritten Receipts
  • Third Party Receipts (i.e. receipts that are not from any Participating Merchants)
  • Receipts for payments to Participating Merchants which have been issued or provided via any mobile platform / application (e.g. FavePay, GrabPay)
  • Purchase of U-POPP Gift Cards / Merchant’s Shopping Vouchers Receipts
  • Payment of Mobile Phone Bills/ Phone Cards/ Parking Coupons Receipts
  • AXS Station, ATMs, Cash Card / Stored Value Cards Top-ups Receipts
  • Banks Receipts
  • Non-UOL Malls’ Merchants’ Atrium Sales /Pushcart Vendors/ Pop-Up Stores Receipts
  • Office Tenants Receipts
  • Laundry Receipts
  • Medical Receipts (Dental/ Clinic/ TCM)


Qualifying Period and Winners Announcement Date

Qualifying Period


Announcement Date

No. of Winners


Prize must be collected by


28 Aug – 10 Sep

14 Sep

6 Winners

(2 Winners per mall)

$300 UOL

e-Vouchers per winner

27 Sep


11 – 24 Sep

28 Sep

6 Winners

(2 Winners per mall))

$300 UOL

e-Vouchers per winner

11 Oct


25 Sep – 8 Oct

12 Oct

6 Winners

(2 Winners per mall)

$300 UOL

e-Vouchers per winner

25 Oct


9 – 22 Oct

26 Oct

6 Winners

(2 Winners per mall)

$300 UOL

e-Vouchers per winner

8 Nov


23 Oct - 5 Nov

9 Nov

6 Winners

(2 Winners per mall)

$300 UOL

e-Vouchers per winner

22 Nov

  • After the end of each qualifying period, the total amount accumulated will be reset before the start of the next qualifying period.
  • Each Winner is entitled to win one (1) prize per qualifying period. The Organisers shall notify the Winners by the stated email and/or mobile number within the next 5 working days.
  • Collection of the prize(s) needs to be done by the stated date in the table above at the respective mall’s Customer Service Counter. Prize(s) will be forfeited if it is not collected by the stated date.
  • The prize(s) is/ are not transferable and are not exchangeable for cash or any other items.
  • The information provided in “Personal Profile” of the Participant’s U-POPP account must be accurate, true and complete at the time of participation. Participants who have provided incomplete and/or inaccurate information will be disqualified and the Organisers shall not have any obligation to furnish any notice and/or reason for such disqualification.
  • The Organisers have the sole discretion to exclude any person from participating in the Top Spenders Campaign without any obligation to furnish any notice and/or reason.
  • In the event of a dispute, the Organisers’ decision shall be final and no correspondence will be entertained.
  • All terms and conditions of U-POPP Loyalty Programme remain.


  • Top Spenders Campaign is only open to U-POPP members.
  • Register to be a U-POPP member for free via the website (www.upopp.com.sg) or via the U-POPP Mobile App.
  • Submission of receipts must be done by 9.30pm via the respective Customer Service Counter or 11.59pm on the next day after the issuance via U-POPP Mobile App to qualify for the promotion.
  • Employees of the Organiser and its affiliates (including their immediate family members, employees of any partners, sponsors and agencies (including any external auditor or advertising agencies) are not eligible to participate in the Top Spenders Campaign. Winner(s) may be required to sign a written statement confirming their eligibility before prize collection.
  • Each Winner is entitled to win ONE prize during this campaign period (28 Nov - 6 Nov) at any of the UOL Malls, regardless of how many times his/her lucky name is shown. In the event a Participant’s name appears more than one time, the Organisers shall be entitled to disregard the name and re-pick another Winner.

Acceptance of Top Spenders Campaign Rules and Regulations

  • By participating in the Top Spenders Campaign, the Participant is deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and any other instructions that the Organisers may issue from time to time.

Use of Your Information

  • The Organisers may from time to time use, collect, publish, disseminate and communicate information relating to this Top Spenders Campaign for the purposes of marketing and publicising the U-POPP programme and/or this Top Spenders Campaign. By participating in this Top Spenders Campaign, each participant authorises the Organisers to collect, use and disclose his/her information (including, without limitation, his/her name, photograph, video, quote and/or sound bite) in connection with the aforementioned marketing and publicity purposes and/or such other related marketing or promotional activity as the Organisers may determine from time to time, without having to pay any fee or compensation to the Participants.

Accuracy of Information

  • All information, Top Spenders Campaign details and mechanics are correct at the time of print.
  • The Organisers reserve the right to withdraw, postpone or cancel the Top Spenders Campaign and to amend or change these Terms and Conditions at any time for whatever reason and without giving prior notice to the Participants. The decision of the Organisers on all matters relating to and/or in connection with the Top Spenders Campaign is final, and no correspondence will be entertained. Information stated is correct at the time of printing.

Terms and Conditions - Friday Flash Deals Campaign

  • Campaign Period: 28 Aug – 6 Nov 2020
  • Redeem for deals with lesser POPPoints under U-POPP Mobile App!

General Terms and Conditions

  • A person is deemed to have accepted and agreed to these Terms and Conditions if such person uses or makes any dealing involving an e-Voucher.
  • The value of each e-Voucher is denominated in Singapore currency.

Redemption of e-Voucher

  • E- Voucher will be available for download in the Rewards Catalogue via U-POPP Mobile App using 80 POPPoints (Usual Exchange Rate: 800 POPPoints) on every Friday, at 10am from 28 Aug to 6 Nov 2020.
  • Redemption of each e-Voucher is on a first come first served basis. While stocks last.
  • Limited to One (1) redemption per member per tenant e-Voucher.
  • Members will have to ensure that they have the minimum POPPoints available for the redemption of the e-Voucher.
  • POPPoints deducted are non-refundable.

Use of e-Voucher at Participating Merchant

  • E-Voucher can only be used at KINEX or United Square or Velocity@Novena Square outlet.
  • Limited to One (1) e-Voucher use per transaction.
  • No minimum spend is required for this e-Voucher.
  • E-Voucher must be presented at cashier before payment to enjoy offer.
  • Members can use the e-Voucher by scanning the QR code at the Participating Merchant or by keying in the Merchant Code.
  • E-Voucher is strictly non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash.
  • Images featured on collaterals are for illustration purposes only.
  • Members are encouraged to check with individual stores for more details.
  • In the case where the e-Voucher is tendered as part payment for goods and services exceeding the value of the goods and services, the Member will be required to top up the difference with cash.
  • There shall be no refunds should the e-Voucher be tendered as payment for goods and services below the value of the denomination stated.

Expiry of e-Voucher

  • E-Voucher will expire on 31 Dec 2020 and cannot be extended. Once redemption of POPPoints for the e-Voucher is made, it is non-reversible and non-refundable. Upon expiry, e-Voucher will automatically be forfeited without compensation to the Member.